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The Ultimate Daily All-In-One Nutritional Insurance

A cutting-edge electrolyte and antioxidant formula.

75 vitamins, minerals and whole food-sourced ingredients covering your nutritional bases

Packed with a Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Zinc Citrate, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Superfoods for immune support, gut health and healthy aging

Daily comprehensive and convenient nutritional support your body craves in a tasty greens powder

Get a FREE year supply of Liquid Vitamin D + 5 FREE Travel Packs with Subscription
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The Power of One Simple Serving

Healthy Aging

Bolsters metabolic health with a side bonus of healthier skin and nails

Immune Support

Your daily dose of Vitamin C, zinc, healing mushrooms and more

Everyday Gut Health

The key to mental + physical health, immunity and much more

Sustained Energy

Regulates steady daily energy through improved nutrient absorption

Improved Recovery

Packed with superfoods, adaptogens + antioxidants. Trusted by the world's best endurance athletes.

Brain & Memory Support

Adaptogens and superfoods deliver improved cognitive health and mental clarity

“For years I’ve used plant based supplements. Athletic Greens has found the right combination of high grade micronutrients, absorption and taste. I mix it with water first thing in the morning, knowing that I’m starting my day with jam-packed nutrients that are hard to get in when I’m on the run."

Dr. Michael Gervais

Host of Finding Mastery and High Performance Psychologist


30 Servings of 12g
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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Monthly Delivery, Skip or Cancel Anytime
30 Servings of 12g in One Pouch
Welcome Kit
FREE Liquid Vitamin D
(Up To 1 Year Supply)
5 FREE Daily Travel Packs
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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Monthly Delivery, Skip or Cancel Anytime
60 Servings of 12g in Two Pouches
Welcome Kit
FREE Liquid Vitamin D
(Up To 1 Year Supply)
5 FREE Daily Travel Packs
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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

75 Ingredients, 5 Key Areas Of Health, 1 Daily Scoop

Hydration Hack covers your nutritional bases in just 27 seconds a day. You’d be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive product that delivers the same benefits in a single serving.

No single day is the same for you - your individual nutritional needs fluctuate on a daily basis and the odds of missing a key element in your nutrition are high.

This can lead to fatigue, decreased performance, gut issues, weight instability and unhealthy aging, which can ultimately be a bottleneck to your growth, happiness and success.

Sourced in the Most Pure and Potent Form

But there’s no reason to experience sub-optimal performance or leave any potential on the table. Our carefully selected 75 ingredients are sourced in the most pure and potent form we could find; they work together to provide support in 5 crucial areas of health.

This powerhouse of whole foods, superfoods, essential vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics provides superior nourishment and absorption, compared to other formulas.

Hydration Hack is perfect if…

You want to start each day by squaring away your nutritional needs.
You’re looking to overcome gut health issues or nutrient deficiencies.
You travel frequently and struggle to eat as well on the road.
You just don’t feel as good as you used to.
You’re an athlete seeking enhanced performance.

75 Vitamins, Minerals and Whole Food Sourced Ingredients

Hydration Hack contains no artificial sugar. Made only with clean ingredients. Sweetened with zero-calories Stevia leaf extract extract and made with real fruit flavors for great tasting hydration.

What is in Hydration Hack?

Hydration Hack contains a blend of all 6 essential electrolytes for optimal hydration, enhanced with Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Chromium Picolinate for immune support and metabolic health. There are no artificial colors, flavors or anything synthetic in our formulas and it is completely sugar free. We naturally flavor Hydration Hack with fruit extracts and stevia leaf.

Don’t electrolytes need to have sugar to be effective?

Absolutely not! This widespread claim is based on the outdated 60 year old science of ORS (Oral Rehydration System), which is only meant to be used in emergency (life or death) situations. Any electrolyte formula containing the ORS system and claiming to be “science backed” is misleading and flawed. Unless you are hospitalized with acute dehydration sickness, you do not need sugar in your electrolytes.

Does Hydration Hack burn fat?

Hydration Hack is not a fat burner, but dehydration slows down your metabolism. This is the reason why many people experience some degree of fat loss when they take electrolytes for long term use.

Will Hydration Hack give me energy?

There is no caffeine or any stimulant in Hydration Hack. However, the natural energy boost you might experience from taking it comes from being properly hydrated.

How do I know if I’m actually dehydrated?

If you’re a human living in a city, you are not optimally hydrated. The reason why everyone has a hydration deficiency is not because they don’t drink enough water - it’s because the water they are drinking is void of electrolytes. If you’re living in the mountains and filling your water bottle up from the local river, then you’re probably getting all the trace minerals (electrolytes) that you need. But if you’re drinking bottled water from a store or tap water from a city, you’re just not getting what you need to be hydrated. Working indoors is dehydrating, stress is dehydrating, staring into an electronic screen for hours is dehydrating. You need to hack your hydration, and taking electrolytes is the best way to do it.

If I’m taking a multivitamin, can I also take Hydration Hack?

Absolutely. Most high quality multivitamins contain small amounts of electrolytes, but it’s not enough to keep you hydrated. Taking electrolytes and a multivitamin as part of your daily health routine has a beneficial effect with no counter indications.

How much Hydration Hack can I drink daily?

Hydration Hack was designed as a daily supplement with 1 to 3 servings being the optimal dose. For daily health optimization, 1-2 servings is the ideal dose. For athletes who are exercising daily and losing electrolytes due to sweat loss, or for anyone working in active or highly stressful jobs, 2-3 daily servings is recommended.

Is Hydration Hack safe for everyone?

Electrolytes are a group of essential basic nutrients that keep us alive. Being human, we all need them to survive. We formulated Hydration Hack for adults, but it can be used by children as young as age 8, or adults as old as 108. We recommend that those taking prescription diuretics such as Spironolactone (Aldactone) should consult with their doctor first due to this drug having a potassium storing effect.

Is Hydration Hack vegan?

Yes, our formula is 100% plant based.

Is Hydration Hack gluten free?

We are proudly certified gluten free and soy free.

Does Hydration Hack contain GMO’s?

Absolutely not. We are committed to producing the cleanest, most health enhancing natural supplements in the industry. For this reason, we never use GMO ingredients in any of our formulas.

I have food allergies, is Hydration Hack safe for me?

Food intolerances to electrolytes and natural flavors are rare. Our formula contains no traces of food allergens or heavy metals, but if you have extreme food sensitivities, start by taking a few sips, and wait 30 minutes. If no sensitivity is triggered, continue use.

Cover Your Bases At Home & While Traveling

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